Differences Between Centrifugal and Axial Flow Compressors

S.noCentrifugal CompressorsAxial Flow Compressors
1In centrifugal compressors air flows radially in the compressorIn Axial flow compressors air flows parallel to the axis of shaft
2Low maintenance and running costHigh maintenance and running cost
3Low starting torque is requiredRequires high starting torque
4Not suitable for multi stagingSuitable for multi staging
5Suitable for low pressure ratios up to 4Suitable for only multi staging ratio of 10
6For given mass flow rate, it requires a larger frontal area.For a given mass flow rate, it requires less Frontal area.
7Isentropic efficiency is 80 to 82%Isentropic efficiency is 86 to 88%
8Better performance at part loadPoor performance at part load

Comparison between centrifugal compressor and axial flow compressors can be done in aspects like air flow direction, maintenance cost, torque requirement, multi staging suitable or not, pressure ratios conditions, frontal area, isentropic efficiency and performance at part load.

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