Criteria for Selection of Product

Mostly, it is preferred to select a bunch of criteria depending on which selection of the product could depend on. Ranks or costs or weights are allocated to each criteria to achieve an objective examination.

There are three basic stages or steps in selection of products or services. These are −

●      Idea Generation − Ideas or investment opening come from different sources, like business or economical newspapers, institutes for researches, consultation firms, natural resources, universities, competitors and many more. Idea generation begins from a simple examination of the business’s strengths and weakness. Ideas are also spawned through brainstorming, desk research and different types of management consensus procedures.

●      Evaluation − Screening or filtering of the product ideas is the initial stage of evaluation. They mark the potential value of a product, time, money and tools required, fitting of potential product into the business’s long range sales plan and availability of skilled people to monitor its marketability. Every product or asset that is identified should be modestly examined. A pre-feasibility study is expected at this stage in order to get a clear picture for different associated aspects like cost and benefit of the product market, technical and financial aspect, etc.

●      Choice − A product that is commercially viable, technically feasible and economically desirable is chosen and relevant machineries are set in motion.

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