Results of Motivation

Successful entrepreneurship needs determination, freedom, discipline, connectivity and an abundance of skills in planning. People with a complete package of physical strength combined with perseverance, mental strength, and self-discipline have the passion and urge to succeed. With proper motivation, we get the following outcomes −

●      Heavy industrialization − Tremendous growth can be seen in industrialization. Example: Companies like TISCO, TELCO have been set up and are flourishing.

●      Self-employment − A common man gets a chance to make a difference, set a new standard of industrial growth. Example: Entrepreneurs like Dhirubhai Ambani and Azim Premji are born.

●      Economic growth − When there is growth in an individual’s economy, there is a growth in the company’s economy, which in turn results in the growth of that particular area and country. Example: Emergence of smart cities concept.

●      Creating new jobs − More entrepreneurship leads to more job openings. More job openings leads to more employment opportunities.

●      Proper social benefit − When a country’s economy grows or increases we see that more advanced and proper social benefits are provided to the general public like construction of roads, school, hospital, colleges, etc.

Entrepreneurial drive is the inbuilt encouragement some people possess to make something happen. It is the energy that pushes one forward as a founder and forces not to give up in the face of failure, ultimately leading to success.

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