Difference between Petrol and Diesel Engine

Apart from the type of fuel used, the engines are also divided on the basis of a lot of things, such as the presence of a spark plug in Petrol engines and a fuel injector in Diesel engines. We also know that lighter vehicles such as motorcycles, scooters, and cars typically use petrol in their engines whereas Diesel is used in much heavier machinery such as tractors, trucks, and buses. Thus, the types of fuel used also plays a major role in defining the major difference between Petrol and Diesel engines. More differences between these types of engines are listed in the tabular column below. 

Difference Between Petrol and Diesel Engine
Diesel EnginePetrol Engine
These engines work on the Diesel cycleWorks on the Otto cycle
The fuel is mixed with air inside the cylinderAir and the fuel are mixed in a carburettor
Ignition is achieved with the help of the hot, compressed air.Fuel is ignited with an electric spark
High compression ratioRelatively low compression ratio
High power productionRelatively low amounts of power are produced in a Petrol engine
These engines work with fuels that have low volatilitiesHighly volatile fuels are used in these internal combustion engines
Generally used in heavy vehicles such as trucks and busesUsed in light vehicles such as motorcycles and cars.
Relatively low fuel consumptionHigh fuel consumption.
High initial and maintenance costsComparatively low initial cost and maintenance cost

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