Entrepreneurial Environment

In upcoming economies across the world, interest in entrepreneurship is presently more than ever due to burgeoning youth population and a desire to move up the value chain.

Three major components are identified in this environment that community leaders need to address −

●      Culture − Acknowledgement of the importance of entrepreneurs to the local as well as national economy, appreciation of the values that entrepreneurs earn, welcoming entrepreneurs who often tend to beat off a different drummer, accepting failure as a part of the process and willingness to motivate and unconditional support to entrepreneurs when some of their ventures do not pan out.

●      Infrastructure − Moving beyond the traditional notion of layout to involve traditional and non-traditional leadership strategies. For example, educational institutions like community schools, colleges and regional universities, cultural and recreational resources, quality schools, and social enterprises that are different and stress on creativity.

●      Entrepreneurial support elements − Precise programs and initiatives created to facilitate a range of support to entrepreneurs of all types when and how they require it. This involves providing services like the Chamber and Small Business Development Centers, help centers, counseling office, networking organizations and opportunities, financing programs, business incubation services, mentoring and coaching, and youth entrepreneurship education in and outside the schools.

Having a complete knowledge about these components helps in building an entrepreneurial environment that facilitates our community to become more entrepreneurial.

We need to consider our readiness for entrepreneurship. How can we and should get started? We may wish to start by getting a sense of how supportive our community’s current environment is towards entrepreneurs.

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